Hi!  I’m Lucinda, a Master Splankna Practitioner

Splankna is an integrated Christian energy protocol for healing the body, mind, soul, and spirit.  Splankna utilizes the same meridians as used by massage and acupuncture.  The body keeps record of our experiences and may be revealed through physical pain and/or emotional responses.

You may be skeptical about an energy protocol.  That’s okay, I was too.  Splankna took me out of my comfort zone, healed me, and now assists in my calling as a therapist.  I see Splankna helping people with trauma, generational issues, repetitive themes in life, and experiences that are hard to explain or describe.

I offer intensive Splankna sessions up to 3 hours depending on your goals.

If you desire to learn more, you can visit the Splankna website.  https://splankna.com/about-us/what-is-splankna/

You can go to my bio here: Lucinda’s bio

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