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Feeling hijacked by your current circumstances, your environment or your body? Hard separating your otherwise resilient, strong, valued, productive self from the flood of negative and debilitating thoughts and feelings? If you are reliving a life threatening or terrifying event instead of remembering it, you are a good candidate for trauma therapy.

Has faulty “wiring” tricked your brain into believing negative thoughts? Without intervention this dangerous short circuitry results in false messages that, for some, come to life as one’s condemning truths. If you do not have a prior history of major traumas but now are plagued with a deeply distressing or disturbing experience, trauma therapy is highly effective and efficient with resolution within 6 or less, 2-hour sessions called “intensives.”

Hearing firsthand the successes of those treated with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing [EMDR] by a colleague, it changed how I view and now provide therapy. Clients often lack words to express disturbing memories resulting in less effective outcomes with traditional talk therapy. My clients report tremendous restorative benefit and regained balance since adding EMDR to my acute crisis stabilization work in 2009.

My 25-year clinical experience in mental health remains ever-evolving and rewarding. My intuitive passion emerged by partnering with individuals striving for trauma resolution during circumstantial life storms. After 9-11, my husband and I returned to the south after living for 10 years in northern Nevada. With a strong desire to be closer to family—mine in Georgia and his in Iowa, we settled in Tennessee in 2003. It is one of our timely, God led decisions which opened doors to vast opportunities.

Specifically, I am a practical problem-solver with instinctual optimism buoyed by strong faith. I have built deeply connected relationships throughout my life and gained profound wisdom through life’s unexpected challenges. All these create my unique ability to serve, connect and walk with people striving for transformation.

Looking for a highly-specialized short-term therapy to resolve a single past or recent traumatic event? Begin your transformation now.

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I am an out-of-network provider accepting cash only. EMDR appointments are 2-3 hour “intensives” after completing one required 90-minute intake. Clients commonly report relief and new insights after their first EMDR session with a greater sense of calm within 3-4 consecutive appointments.

Individual intensive: $200 (2 hours)

Intake: $150 (90 minutes)

Full cost of each session is required at the time of service.


Susie is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor in the State of Tennessee #995 and a Licensed Professional Counselor – Mental Health Service Provider in the State of Tennessee #2085, EMDR trained in 2009.

215 Center Park Drive, Suite 200,
Knoxville, TN 37922

(865) 771-0350

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