Meet the Shalom Team

Sean (mental health therapist) – My heart’s desire is to help people experience life in all its fullness. I offer individual, couple and family therapy services as well as Soul Care in the form of spiritual direction.  I also offer clinical supervision for licensure.  Learn more about Sean


Sarah – (mental health therapist) I offer my unique abilities, including brain health assessments and what we are learning from neuroscience, to bring understanding, clarity, calm, and focus to help you create goals and a plan for your health and wellness.  The goals we develop will consider your personality, experiences, and aspirations so you can “be all you can be.”  Learn more about Sarah


Elizabeth (mental health therapist)Elizabeth specializes in working with individuals who are struggling with trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, sexual/physical/emotional abuse, and grief.  She provides an eclectic approach in counseling utilizing EMDR, techniques from Somatic Experiencing and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy as well as Christian Counseling.Learn more about Elizabeth

Melody (children’s mental health)Melody specializes in working with young children and their families who are facing problems that are getting in the way of their relationships, sleep, play, learning, school, and family life activities.  Learn more about Melody


Tony – (Clinical Counselor/Pastoral Counseling)    Tony specializes in treating PTSD and other trauma-related issues through such methods as EMDR, PE, CPT, and other methods of psychotherapy.  Other areas of specialty he treats include anxiety, depression, spirituality, adult ADD/ADHD, personality disorders, bereavement, stress, relational issues, ministerial burnout, bipolar disorder, and men’s issues.   Learn more about Tony


Susie (mental health therapist) – I offer a highly-specialized short-term therapy to resolve a single past or recent traumatic event.  I am a practical problem-solver with instinctual optimism buoyed by strong faith. I have built deeply connected relationships throughout my life and gained profound wisdom through life’s unexpected challenges. Learn more about Susie

Beatriz (mental health therapist) OR Beatriz en español My work specializes in family communication, couple’s interaction, divorce, grief, depression, anxiety, anger management, among others. As a therapist, my goal is to get solutions to different problems, as well as ways of managing emotions healthily.  I am available for families, couples, individual counseling, teenagers, and children.  Learn more about Beatriz

April (Mental Health Therapist/RN)   In working with children and adolescents she has training and experience in early childhood brain development, play therapy, and substance abuse treatment both individually and in group settings with adolescents.  She is also experienced in providing therapy to adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system dealing with issues such as anger management, violent thinking patterns, and oppositional behavior.  Her experience working with adults includes therapeutic settings ranging from vocational/career counseling to providing therapy to adults with severe and persistent mental illness.  She also has experience in assisting with adjustments to life transitions, mood disorders, family issues, marital counseling, and parenting.    Learn more about April

Lorie (Health Coach and Holographic Health Practitioner)

I worked as a registered nurse for 17 years. I began my journey in natural healing in 2005 when I experienced kidney failure. God led me to the best natural doctors in our area that I have gained valuable knowledge from. I use prayer & kinesiology to determine different spiritual and physical needs.  Learn more about Lorie




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