Meet the Shalom Team

Lucinda  – (mental health therapist) I prefer to work with individuals who’ve experienced trauma.  I offer 60min, 90min, 2hr, and 3hr sessions and not restrained by “therapeutic minutes.” My God-given calling is to walk alongside you in your healing journey. Learn more about Lucinda

John – (mental health therapist) I am comfortable working with a myriad of different problems. Complex trauma is in my wheelhouse.  I also enjoy helping couples/families rediscover joy in their relationships and helping individuals find freedom from “mind monsters” like insecurity, depression, worry, etc. Learn more about John

Sarah – (mental health therapist) I offer my unique abilities, including brain health assessments and what we are learning from neuroscience, to bring understanding, clarity, calm, and focus to help you create goals and a plan for your health and wellness.  The goals we develop will consider your personality, experiences, and aspirations so you can “be all you can be.”  Learn more about Sarah

Sean (mental health therapist) – My heart’s desire is to help people experience life in all its fullness. I offer individual, couple and family therapy services as well as Soul Care in the form of spiritual direction. Learn more about Sean



Susie (mental health therapist) – I offer a highly-specialized short-term therapy to resolve a single past or recent traumatic event.  I am a practical problem-solver with instinctual optimism buoyed by strong faith. I have built deeply connected relationships throughout my life and gained profound wisdom through life’s unexpected challenges. Learn more about Susie

Cynthia (massage therapist) – I was drawn to massage therapy not just to help people ease their aches and pains, but also to create a calm, welcoming space for inner healing.  For me, the healing power of massage lies in creating a connection with my clients and so I strive to create a space where people feel comfortable to be themselves.   Learn more about Cynthia

Penelope (acupuncturist) – Acupuncture relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and restores homeostasis. Acupuncture also addresses mental and emotional concerns.  I listen and connect with you topped with patience, positivity, and humor.  Learn more about Penelope

Arianna (Dr. of Natural Medicine)- I am a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Ordained Minister/Clerical Health and Wellness Advisor and Counselor. I am nurturing and understanding by nature, combined with expertise in counseling and developing nutritional programs specifically tailored for your set of circumstances, makes your chances of success in healing excellent. Learn more about Arianna


Holly( Young Living Oils Distributor) – I love essential oils and how they have transformed my family’s life. Sharing with others how to use oils is one of my greatest passions!

Learn more about Holly



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215 Center Park Drive, Suite 200,
Knoxville, TN 37922

(865) 771-0350

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