Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing or EMDR is researched and proven effective for trauma.  Trauma may include, but not limited to, experiences causing panic attacks, anxiety, stress, grief, abuse, nightmares, or disturbing memories.  EMDR is permanent change in emotional response to areas of conflict within one’s life.  This may seem too good to be true but we witness change every day.

EMDR is performed between the therapist and client.  The client sees oneself in the given traumatic situation while the therapist performs bilateral stimulation, which may be performed in various ways.  Most clients choose bilateral stimulation utilizing eye movement or knee tapping where either are equally effective.  Our approach is personalized to your level of comfort where we are engaged, supportive, and sensitive throughout your session.  You are not alone in this process.

The time it takes to resolve the trauma may be quicker for some than for others because there are many factors that must be considered and may not be known until EMDR is performed.  If EMDR is not productive for you then we are honest and will recommend other options.

If you desire to read more about EMDR then visit EMDRIA’s website here. http://www.emdria.org/?page=emdr_therapy

We look forward to walking alongside you in your healing journey. We have several therapists who conduct EMDR. Click on their bios below to learn more about them.

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