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Are you at the end of your rope? Are you exhausted and weary in your mind as well as your body?  Do you need someone to appreciate your faith and values as a part of your healing journey?  Shalom Healing Center offers counseling and bodywork for individuals, couples, families, children, and groups.

The Shalom Team are independent professionals working together to bring wholeness on your behalf.  It is important to consider which professional is your best fit.  Read their bios here Shalom Team then you can contact your choice by calling 865-771-0350 and choosing their extension OR you can call their direct number that is listed on their page.

If you are a professional and interested in space at Shalom Healing Center call 865-771-0350 ext 701.

What is Shalom? 

Shalom is rooted in Hebrew meaning peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, and tranquility.  It is used as a greeting for hello and goodbye.

At Shalom we are Christians who value wholeness, peace, and harmony who recognize the importance of faith integration and at your level of comfort.  All are human and experience struggle of some sort and we prefer to help ALL people no matter their religion, culture, race, or ethnicity.

Stop by!  Visit our space and say Shalom!

We are passionate professionals working together for wholeness in mind, body, soul, and spirit!

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Meet the Shalom Team

The Shalom Team is a group of professionals specializing in mental health, spirituality, massage, and natural approaches. We desire to help you become whole, complete, full of peace and harmony.


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