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Tony is a Licensed Professional Counselor – Mental Health Service Provider (LPC-MHSP) who has extensive experience treating military veterans, active duty personnel, and military family dependents for trauma-related issues as well as a host of other concerns.  Tony and his family reside in west Knoxville and he is well versed in the Tennessee culture having been raised in East Tennessee.  In addition to an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Tony earned a Master of Divinity and served for over 15 years in the pastoral setting.  From his broad academic and experiential background he brings to the clinical setting a wealth of wisdom and skill with a unique perspective.

Tony specializes in treating PTSD and other trauma-related issues through such methods as EMDR, PE, CPT, and other methods of psychotherapy.  Other areas of specialty he treats include anxiety, depression, spirituality, adult ADD/ADHD, personality disorders, bereavement, stress, relational issues, ministerial burnout, bipolar disorder, and men’s issues.

As both a National Certified Counselor and Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor Tony’s ultimate goal is to empower his clients for highly-effective living, free from dependence on a therapist.  Call 865-978-6200 for an appointment with Tony.

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