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Lucinda is available through TeleHealth or In-person and is available to work across state lines if needed.

Do you have negative thoughts about yourself? Do you feel something’s “just not right” inside you but not sure where it’s coming from? Do you have anxiety, depression, or frustration that are affecting your thoughts, actions, or emotional responses to the people in your life?

I am non-judgmental, accepting, encouraging, and a problem solver. I value your personality and appreciate your unique self. In fact, I believe knowing your Myers Briggs personality type is helpful to understand yourself. Go here to find out your type: Personality Hacker

I look to resolve and not prolong your care. I consider your goals for therapy and determine what tools I have that will best help you to achieve those goals. I am not just a talk therapist. I have other tools such as EMDR, Splankna, and tapping that bring tremendous results. In fact, most clients see results in the first session. My experience as an inpatient therapist at a local hospital has provided insight into many people’s experiences and benefit the care I offer you.

Have you felt herded in and out of doctor’s offices? I am able to offer 60, 90 min, 2hr, and 3hr sessions and not restrained by “therapeutic minutes.” My God-given calling is to walk alongside you in your healing journey.

Online booking: Lucinda’s booking site


Lucinda’s normal rates:
60 minutes/$100   90 minutes/$150   2 hrs/$185   3 hrs/$275

Longer intensive sessions are available

I’ve had many experiences and challenges throughout my 50+ years of life, such as raising a lovely daughter, two marriages, numerous dogs and other animals, varied spiritual experiences, multiple careers including non-profit education, corporate America, even cashiering at the local Publix. During a difficult time, the song, Free To Be Me by Francesca Battistelli, held deep meaning and was pivotal in acceptance of myself and my life. It was during that time I moved to Tennessee from the mountains of Virginia to finish my degree. My experiences represent pain, inadequacy, happiness, anger, loss, fulfillment, joy, and peace. From these experiences, I learned how to get out of bed every day, seek help, value myself, and begin a new life. My new life is the life of a therapist – walking alongside you so you may experience peace, happiness, and fulfillment … a new life.

I live with my best friend and husband along with our dog, Maddie. We have three adult children, a grandson, and a granddoggy. We have learned that second chances in life are a blessing. We try to accept each other as we are, encourage one another in life’s journey, and create a life worth living … every day.

I am clinically trained as a Professional Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapist.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee with two undergraduate degrees, Non-profit Management and Bible with a minor in counseling. In 2016, I graduated from Johnson University’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CACREP) with a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am a Clinical Traumatologist through Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, EMDRIA approved EMDR Therapist, and a Master Splankna practitioner.

*At minimum, you will receive 60 minutes of therapy time with me. I am gracious to my people and their time in my office. I do not book my clients back-to-back in a fashion that pushes You out the door and no one is dictating how much time I can spend with You.  I understand insurance and I understand the need to save money. But, I feel it is important that you understand how insurance controls this process and understand that you are receiving more from me as your therapist than someone who accepts your insurance.

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