A little bit about insurance:

Insurance companies place demands on the therapist to limit the number of minutes she/he can be with a client. For example, the number of minutes the therapist is “allowed” is 38 to 52 minutes and this is billed to your insurance for the hourly charge. Additionally, Insurance requires a diagnosis for therapy. A diagnosis is on your records indefinitely. Most Shalom Team members do not accept in-network insurance.  By not accepting insurance, this allows us to provide extended care to you.  Each practitioner in our office has flexible scheduling and seeks the opportunity to walk with you at your pace.  Out-of-network insurance may be an option for you to consider if insurance is an important aspect for payment. Please contact your insurance company to determine your out-of-network benefits.  FSA/HSA cards are accepted by most Shalom Team members.

April accepts some insurances.  See her profile here meet april

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