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Do you know that something is not right with your health but all your doctors say “you’re okay”?  This can be frustrating, scary and even devastating to your efforts to lead a happy and functional life.

Dr. Coe has been specializing in helping people find natural, effective and non-harmful ways to heal themselves for over 20 years. As a licensed commissioned holistic therapist she works with you  addressing the whole person to find your best way to achieve balance. This means including your physical, emotional, psychological, nutritional, and even environmental aspects of your well being.

If answers are all you need she can provide you with Vitalistic Health Screening. Consisting of 35 medical tests done quickly and easily, these standard lab tests that all doctors use are tabulated and sent to your private ebox with full interpretations and are easy to read. You are screened for all of today’s risk factors: diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, fatigue, premature aging, obesity, high cholesterol and other major wellness factors. This confidential information is provided at a small  fraction of what these tests normally cost in your typical doctor’s office, but you choose who sees the  results.

If your issues are primarily physical/structural and or stress related, as an expert practitioner and teacher of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy she can help you immensely. Thai Yoga Therapy is one of the most sophisticated, time tested, and effective forms of hands on body therapy known world wide.

Arianna is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Ordained Minister/ Clerical Health and Wellness Advisor and Counselor. Her nurturing and understanding nature, combined with expertise in counseling and  developing nutritional programs specifically tailored for your set of circumstances, makes your chances of success in healing excellent.

“I am honored to participate in your healing journey, and I feel blessed to assist you in your path to joyful wellness.” -Dr. Arianna Coe, NAIC Ordained Minister

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