“I need a massage.” Most of us have thought this when we’ve felt achy or stressed. Our lives are busy, one thing after another pushing self care to the bottom of our list of priorities. Our posture bends forward as we look at handheld screens, putting strain on our upper back and neck. We wear non-supportive shoes all day, sending pain into our hips and low back. Sometimes we go days or weeks without intentional, caring touch from another. We forget how to take a deep breath and fill our lungs, stretch out our diaphragm, and release a bit of tension. We spend our days in our head – making lists and writing emails and thinking of the next task ahead of us.       Book a massage with Cynthia

Massage Therapy creates a space where you have time to focus on your body, experience caring touch from another, and experience relief from pain. Some people choose to receive a massage weekly or biweekly in order to manage chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Others choose to receive massage monthly as a part of regular self-care.

The benefits of massage that have been most studied and have shown consistent positive results are reduction in both anxiety and depression. One massage therapy session can help calm someone in a state of anxiety, and a consistent routine of massage helps alleviate chronic anxiety.

Many people also experience relief from chronic pain after a massage therapy session, and this relief will usually last for a few days up to a few weeks. Massage does not consistently “fix” problems, and each person will experience different effects of massage. Please ask for suggestions on how to extend the pain-reducing effects of massage between sessions.

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